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I am a Middle school computer teacher. I love to work with media and adolescents.

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    McPherson flooding
    This is looking north down North Walnut in McPherson.
    McPherson Hail
    Hail from the storm at 4:10 p.m. in northern McPherson in city limits.
    McPherson snow 3/28/09
    The lonely dove in a dry spot on the front porch... 14" of snow.
    driveway snowblow
    It is VERY unsafe to shovel this heavy snow unless you have a BIG snowblower! McPherson in the north section of town.
    snow 3/28/09
    fire pit on the back deck 9:30 am on 3/29/09. 14" and still snowing! North end of town in McPherson.
    McPherson snow 3/28/09
    looking out the front door
    Front porch with 14" of snow on 3/28/09. north part in town--McPherson Kansas
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