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I was born in Southern California and lived there until I was 18. I lived in Hawaii for 4 years with my husband. We then moved to Pratt, KS and have been here since :) (My husband was born in Pratt, incase you are wondering what brought us here). We have two amazing little boys. Our oldest is 5 and our youngest is almost 18 months :)

I enjoy writing, photography, singing, and more.

Hope you enjoy my storm shots! I enjoy looking at all the weather all around KS :)

Latest Activity
    Other side of the storm
    This was the other side of the same storm
    I liked how these clouds looked.
    Rays of Light
    I have always loved the rays of light that come out of clouds when the sun is behind them.
    Storm passing by
    Storm passing by in Pratt
    Cross in the clouds!
    Beautiful seen at our house in Pratt! I took several pictures of this cloud one right after another. As I was going back through the pictures, this one ...
    Lightning In Pratt
    Lightning in Pratt. My dog Zip was watching the storm with me, you can see his head and ears in the corner of the picture :)
    Snow (Part 2)...
    The snow, when it was all said and done, was slighly higher than it was in this picture. Compare to "No Snow (Part 1)"
    No Snow (Part 1)...
    This picture was taken yesterday (4/22) to show in comparison to "Snow (Part 2)". "Snow (Part 2)" shows how high the snow had been the last big storm we had in...
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