• Summer 2009: Quiet Season?

    Will Summer 2009 Bring Twisters? Wind? Hail? Flooding? Well, So Far it's Been Pretty Quiet. Spring Brought a Few Tornadoes, Minor Floods, And Microbursts, Some Downbursts. But There is Always The Autumn Season. There is More of a Chance there When it's Humid and Warm. (79-98 Degrees, 64%-100% Humidity) Remeber Back in the Fall of 04 (EARRLYY Fall) We had a Funnel Cloud Pass Over our house And it looked Pretty Good in Size. Probably EF-1 To EF-3 Sized. After the Funnel Passed, Reports of a 106 M/h Wind Gust Poured into The NWS at around 6:47 PM CST. It Caused Around 400K$ In Damage ( Pretty High Cost Yell) And Took No Lives, It Hurt 27.

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